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Who Is He

My name is Simo Mafuxwana better known as D’lo DeProjuicer.

I am a baaadassss web developer from Strand, Cape Town. Currently I am a frontend developer at Insurance Glue.

I do a bit of photography, graphic design, creative writing and film production

I am the square root of sleep + pc + fast-food + creativity!


Besides fulltime job I am part of Own Appeal, a media collective focusing on small to medium projects. These are some of our recent projects!

For more info please visit Own Appeal

...stalking a couple of github repo's

Keep in touch...

Am all over the net, choose your pick..

+27 78 6744 937 - | CV
@dlodeprojuicer - stackoverflow - github - linkedIn - facebook

...and King Julien said: "Take note, Maurice. Tonight, chow mein is my main chow."

+27 78 6744 937 - | CV
@dlodeprojuicer - stackoverflow - github - linkedIn