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Who Is He

Simo Mafuxwana, most call me D'lo. I am a badass frontend web developer, I do light weight interactive web content - smooth functionality, making stuff look good for desktop, tablet and mobile.

I am more into web apps. I enjoy working with interface and interaction - the overall look and feel of the webpage, the bridge between the user and the backend.

Am always up for new things, however I am working fulltime, am on that JSON and AngularJS tip... it's one of those challenging and exciting situations!

I am the square root of sleep + pc + fast-food + creativity!


I team up with the awesome guys at Own Appeal focusing on small to medium projects. These are some of our recent projects!

For more projects and info please visit Own Appeal

...stalking a couple of github repo's

Keep in touch...

Am all over the net, choose your pick..

+27 78 6744 937 - | CV
@dlodeprojuicer - stackoverflow - github - linkedIn - facebook

...and King Julien said: "Take note, Maurice. Tonight, chow mein is my main chow."

+27 78 6744 937 - | CV
@dlodeprojuicer - stackoverflow - github - linkedIn