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Who Is He

Simo Mafuxwana, most call me D'lo. I am a badass frontend web developer, I do light weight interactive web content - smooth functionality, making stuff look good for desktop, tablet and mobile.

I am more into web apps. I enjoy working with interface and interaction - the overall look and feel of the webpage, the bridge between the user and the backend.

Am always up for new things, however I am working fulltime, am on that JSON and AngularJS tip... it's one of those challenging and exciting situations!

I am the square root of sleep + pc + fast-food + creativity!


I have a few pet projects, something to keep the dust off the keyboard, if you know what I mean!

Search Engine Optimization

. . .stalking a couple of github repo's

Keep in touch...

Am all over the net, choose your pick..

078 6744 937 - | CV
@dlodeprojuicer - stackoverflow - github - linkedIn - facebook

...and King Julien said: "Take note, Maurice. Tonight, chow mein is my main chow."

078 6744 937 - | CV
@dlodeprojuicer - stackoverflow - github - linkedIn